We started this website to basically an informational how to reference for people that are looking to complete simple DIY projects. As the site has grown we have started to include our reviews of different tools we commonly use on a regular basis. 

Every post that is on our website is written by a good old fashioned get your hands dirty kinda guy that’s actually used a tool before, unlike some of the other “Advice” websites out there.

Everytime I’d go to look for a tool and find out if it was the better one out there I’d be bombarded with conflicting information on every single site.

After months and months of being hassled by friends and family to finally get going online and provide individuals like yourself with solid information that can be counted on to be correct and thoroughly researched.

Our mission is to guide each and every one of you along with your tools purchase to ensure your not stuck getting screwed by some salesman claiming that this and that are the absolute best, we when we both know that guy know jack about what he’s trying to sell you.

If you come across something in an article we have written that you need clarification on or just simply have a question, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get back to you. We can be contacted here.

As we continue to grow drilled and screwed we will be constantly adding new info/buying articles for you to read. If we don’t have a specific article that you are looking for hit us up through our contact page and give us some brief info on what your information or tools you’re looking for and we’ll gladly put together an article for you.

As our motto says, we provide great tool advice so you don’t get screwed!

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