Best Power Assisted Walk Behind Mowers For Hills


Having the best Power Assisted Walk Behind Mower on a hot summer’s day can be the single best life saver you’ll come across all year.

Mowing your lawn can be one of the most satisfying choirs of the summer to perform. There’s nothing better than sitting back and smelling the fresh cut grass smell engulf your property.

But when you have to mow with an old push mower, non-assisted, up hills, it can quickly turn into a dreaded chore no one wants to do. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Power Assisted Walk Behind Mowers have rear wheels that are motorized assisting with pushing the lawn mower, taking away a lot of the weight. Once you have power assisted wheels you will never look back. Pushing along straight ground is effortless and going up hills couldn’t be easier.

We went out and gathered 5 top of the line Power Assisted Walk Behind Mowers and broke each one down for you to look at and decide if it’s time for you as well to upgrade and save yourself from slipping, tripping and swearing out loud as your pushing around a big clunky mower.  

Do yourself a favor this year and treat yourself to a new Power Assisted Walk Behind Mower, when I finally made the switch and upgraded from my old Jonsered I never looked back!

If you don’t find the exact Mower you’re looking for you can check out this complete list of Power Assisted Lawn Mower.

5 Best Power Assisted Walk Behind Mowers


Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower


Hondas name is one of the best in the business, it’s a name you know and trust to provide a machine that will run for years to come with minimal maintenance. The Honda 4-in-1 Versamow is an excellent mower with exceptional features.  

Without stopping easily adjust the mower’s speed by simply rotating the speed adjustment dial. Honda’s newly designed system allows you to Mulch, Shred, Discharge and Bag leaves and grass. Select the desired function from a convenient knob to choose between how much grass is bagged or mulched without stopping and having to make multiple adjustments.

Honda equipped this mower with an exceptionally large 21’’ cutting deck made from the material NeXite. NeXite is impact resistant, rust resistant, does not corrode or dent and adds stability to the mower. The mower has twin micro-cut blades for precision cutting and producing ultra fine clippings.

Variable Self Propelled speeds makes it a breeze cutting up or downhill even on big fields, no more straining your back and slipping about trying to push a walk behind mower uphill, we’ve all been there and it sucks!

Honda includes a 5-Year Warranty from the time of purchase that covers the mower and deck.

  • The handle for this mower is positioned quite low and anyone over 6’ might find it awkward.
  • The thumb handle can be difficult to use for prolonged periods because of its awkward nature and positioning.
  • Dependability 90%
  • Features 80%
  • Service 95%

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower


When I think of Troy-Bilt I immediately think of a machine that’s going to last a lifetime, they truly are “bulletproof”. We love this versatile mower for so many different reasons. When shopping for a new mower, one item on the top of my list is POWER.

The Troy-Bilt TB330 is powered by a big Briggs & Stratton 206cc engine with 4 top speed settings allowing anyone in the family to comfortably set the speed desired (I always run on full!).

Similar to the Honda Mower it has a 21’’ cutting deck but Troy-Bilt came out with a handy design feature to allow you to quick and easily clean the underside of the cutting deck by screwing in a regular garden hose. Included is a 1.9-bushel bag capable of side discharging, mulching, bagging and returning the grass back to the ground. Cut virtually any length needed with 6 settings ranging from 1.25″ – 3.75″.

The TB330 is covered by a 90-day Warranty on tires, filters, batteries, 1-Year Warranty for all attachments, 2-Year Limited Warranty for the engine and a Lifetime Warranty for the frame.

  • Wheel adjustment lever has a tendency to pop out at times.
  • After a bit of time, the engine takes a few pulls to get it going, sometimes over 10 because the automatic choke can get stuck open.
  • Self-propelled wheels can cut out intermittently making mowing on a hill difficult at times when this happens
  • Dependability 92%
  • Features 87%
  • Service 85%

Snapper P2185020E / 7800982 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive


The Power Assisted Walk Behind Lawn Mower from Snapper is a great example of a truly easy-to-use mower. Again this mower is designed with a nearly indestructible Briggs & Stratton motor. 

Similar to a vacuum cleaner the cutting deck has been designed to efficiently cut and suck up ALL grass clippings leaving an amazingly clean lawn when finished, there’s nothing worse than having to go back out after and rake. Like most mowers featured it has the ability to side discharge, mulch or contain in the bag.

Snapper has equipped this Mower with their “Ready Start System” which requires no priming or choking, just pull and start and you’re off! The benefit of a self-propelled mower can only be described as life changing!

Walk Behind Mowers are notorious for damaging your grass when making turns from the power-assisted wheels. Snapper has fixed this issue by installing a smooth-turn differential, similar to what’s in your car, making turns a breeze without ruining your fresh lawn.

Snapper includes a 3-Year Consumer Warranty and 90-Day Commercial Warranty.

  • Initial setup of the mower can be difficult and time-consuming
  • No oil pre-installed or included
  • Dependability 88%
  • Features 90%
  • Service 76%

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower 25302


When you think of an electric lawnmower you immediately think of the dreaded cord that usually needs to be attached, there’s nothing worse than driving over and ruining an extension cord halfway through cutting your lawn! 

Greenworks has you covered with their G-MAX series. Utilizing an electric motor and CORDLESS 40V Li-Ion batteries that can be also used with many other Greenworks tools. The Mower is capable of running for over 70 minutes on one battery.

Even though this mower is electric you still get all the great features of a gas power including a large 20’’ cutting deck with dual blades for a better cutting quality then mowers utilizing a single blade.

It’s worth mentioning because this mower is electric and scrapped the big heavy gas engine, it’s 42% lighter than its competition. The extremely light design makes it very suitable for elderly people.

This model includes (1) 4AH Battery, (1) 2AH Battery, (1) Charger. When one battery dies the machine will automatically switch to the second battery with zero interruptions, you won’t even know it. Greenworks warranties its products with a 4-year Limited Warranty from the time of purchase.

  • If the batteries are not charged properly, allowing them to fully drain before recharging they can slowly start to lose their charge capacity and run for shorter periods
  • Some users have reported that the mulching ability to be poor and inconsistent
  • Dependability 90%
  • Features 94%
  • Service 97%

Husqvarna HU800AWDH Honda 190cc 3-in-1 All Wheel Drive


The Husqvarna HU800AWDH is most definitely a big badass mower. Powered by a Honda 190cc 4 cycle engine this has more than enough muscle to power through any lawn your throw at it.

Husqvarna is one of the few that have 4x4 drive wheels making maneuverability in all kinds of grass and terrain a breeze. Husqvarna’s “Auto Walk” feature self-propels the mower at the pace you are walking instead of you having to match the speed of the mower.

Equipped with a massive 22’’ Steel Cutting Deck, 8’’ front wheels and enlarged 11’’ wheels in the rear. The cutting deck has a built-in hose connection for quick and easy clean out of the underside removing built-up grass and debris.

Husqvarna includes a 3-Year Warranty with this mower, stay rest assured if anything happens they will be there for support and maintenance with over 8000 servicing dealers spread about.

  • The front wheels have a tendency to lock up after releasing the self-propelling handle making it difficult to pull back without tilting.
  • Manufacturer support is lacking
  • Dependability 89%
  • Features 94%
  • Service 70%