Portable Inverter generators come in many different sizes ranging from small 1000-Watt generators for running small power tools to large 3000-watt generators that are capable of powering RVs, Campers and used on large construction sites.

In this comprehensive buying guide, we have broken down the 5 best 1000-watt generators, 5 best 2000-watt generators, and the 5 best 3000-watt generators.

Standard generators are great because they are low budget, provide tons of power and are very reliable. But with every pro, there is a con and standard generators are bulkier, heavier and are extremely loud.

Inverter generators are incredibly light, come small and compact and run very quietly but come with a slightly larger price tag and don’t produce as much power.

Different Sizes of Inverter Generators:

1000-Watt Generators are commonly used on job sites to power tools where a fixed power source is not present. They are also widely used by DIY’rs at home as they can efficiently run power tools for construction projects. Yet 1000-Watt generators are small, light and quiet enough they can be brought to your kids outdoor sporting events to power everything from heaters to lighting equipment.

2000-Watt Generators are starting to get into the slightly larger generators that are capable of running multiple power tools at once. A 2000-Watt generator is perfect for small construction projects needing to run multiple power tools at once. They are still small enough that they can quietly run in a campground or tailgating event without interrupting everyone with the loud drone of an engine.

3000-Watt Generators are heavy-duty ready to go home backup systems and most commonly found on construction sites. 3000-Watt generators usually feature a rugged roll cage that encases the entire generator protecting from damage. While being rugged in their design they’re a great source of power when camping, RV’ing or simply used as a source of power for a mobile home.

If you don’t find the right Portable Inverter Generator that you’re looking for in our guide below you can check out this list of all the Inverter Generators available.

5 Best 1000-Watt Portable Inverter Generators

Sportsman 1000 Watt Inverter Generator


The Sportsman GEN1000i is a great little Inverter Generator that’s absolutely perfect for hunting and camping particularly because of its ultra lightweight design only weighing 19 lbs and small construction with dimensions of 18 x 15.75 x 9 inches.

Perfect for lugging around to your kid’s sports games or powering your outdoor family events. While not the quietest generator featured in this buying guide it is still extremely quiet running at 56 decibels under no load.  

Operated by a 1.3 HP 40cc 4-stroke motor capable of running at 5,000 RPM. Its able to produce 1000-watts peak surge power and rated for 800 continuous running watts, powering its (2) outlets, (1) 120V AC outlet and (1) 12V DC outlet.

Sportsman has included a safety feature that will automatically shut down the generator if it senses it has low oil, the oil reservoir holds 30 ounces of oil and is recommended to use 10W 30 motor oil. Equipped with a ½ gallon tank (.55) it can run for 6.3 hours under a 50% load.

The Gen1000i is covered by Sportsman’s 1-year Limited Time Warranty.

  • Can Develop a Problem With Internal Piston Rings Causing White Smoke
  • Does Not Run The Best When Powering 750-Watts +
  • Power 72%
  • Features 75%
  • Service 87%

Westinghouse WH1000i Portable Inverter Generator


Westinghouse has a great little 1000-Watt generator, the WH1000i Portable Inverter Generator.

The gas-powered Westinghouse 4 stroke 52cc OHV engine is capable of producing 1100 starting watts and 1000 continuous running watts powering the (2) 120V AC outlets.

Running a very low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) you can rest assured plugging in your laptop, phone or other sensitive devices that they’ll not get fried from electrical surges.

Quiet enough to run in campsites and tailgate parties producing only 59 decibels while running at a 50% load, about as loud as an average conversation. Weighing only 30lbs makes this generator extremely versatile and easy to carry about.

Westinghouse provides this Inverter Generator with a .8 gallon fuel tank that runs on gasoline and capable of running for 8 hours at a 25% load, sure to run all night. User-friendly easy to use color-coded start and automatic low oil shutoff.

Westinghouse includes with the purchase a 2-Year Warranty.

  • Hard To Start
  • Does Not Run As Long As Manufacturer States
  • Power 74%
  • Features 73%
  • Service 84%

Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator


The Honda EU generator series are voted some of the best inverter generators out there and are always a favorite in our opinion. Backed by the legendary Honda motor that’s nearly indestructible that honda truly stands behind and is used by other manufacturers as well.

Powered by the Honda 49.4 cc 2.1 HP engine that produces efficient clean energy at 900 continuous watts that supplies the (2) 120V AC household outlets. The EU1000i does not have any GFCI outlets.

The EU1000i is able to run for 8.3 hours on a full tank (dependant on load) and 6 hours while operating at a 50% load. Designed with an auto idle control, built in inverter and outstanding overload protection system. Supplied by a .6 gallon gasoline fuel tank that uses an average of .17 gallons per hour, this generator is extremely cheap to run all night.

Honda provides a Residential 2-Year Warranty for the EU1000i and a 1-Year Commercial Warranty.

  • More Expensive Than Other Brands
  • Choke Settings Don’t Do Much
  • Power 76%
  • Features 78%
  • Service 94%

Yamaha EF1000iS


When you think of Yamaha you immediately get a picture of someone cruising by you on a slick street bike, but they also produce inverter generators that can truly handle all the tests.

The EF1000is is powered by the fuel efficient Yamaha 50cc engine that can produce 1000 starting watts and 900 continuous running watts. Capable of 12 hours run time dependant on the load and certified to run for 8 hours at a 50% load on a full tank that’s .66 gallons.

The Yamaha EF1000is is quite a small mighty little generator with more features than most 1000 watt generators, providing you (2) 120V AC outlets and a (1) 12V DC outlet that’s perfect for recharging batteries making this little guy ideal for using while you’re out in the RV or on a boat.

Yamaha utilizes their innovative sound blocking technology so this Inverter generator only produces 47 – 57 decibels from 23 feet away. Weighing 27 lbs it’s not the lightest 1000-watt generator but is still very manageable to bring out camping and hunting.

Yamaha includes an amazing Limited Warranty that covers the generator for 3-Years from the time you purchased.

  • Louder Than Expected
  • No Manual Received With Packaging
  • Power 76%
  • Features 72%
  • Service 86%

Ryobi RYi1000 Inverter Generator


The RYi1000 is a great example of a solidly built generator by a trusted tool manufacturer, you most likely have a Ryobi drill kicking around somewhere in the shop. 

Powered by their 53.5cc engine that produces 900 continual watts makes this compact inverter generator perfect for charging batteries, running halogen work lights, charging mobile devices and running power tools, truly an all-in-one 1000-watt generator.

The Ryi1000 features outstanding runtime that’s able to perform for 8 hours with a 50% load, great for all night power outages. Fully CARB-compliant gives you the piece in mind that it has been through rigorous testing and adheres to strict safety regulations.

Equipped with a .6 gallon fuel tank and (2) outlets, (1) 120V AC household outlet and the other is (1) 12V DC outlet for charging batteries, both having overload protection. The Ryi1000 has a built-in automatic low oil shut off feature to prevent overheating and damage.

Ryobi includes a massive 3-Year Warranty to truly put you at ease when purchasing this generator.

  • Faulty Carburater Can Create Starting Issues
  • Cheaply Built – Parts Break Easily
  • Power 72%
  • Features 76%
  • Service 70%

5 Best 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generators

WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator


The WEN 56200i features a 79.7 cc 4 stroke OHV engine that’s capable of producing 2000 surging starting watts and 1600 continuous running watts of power. Perfect for Camping, working on construction sites, tailgating and used as a backup during power outages. 

The 79.7cc engine creates a low and tolerable 51 decibels of noise, quieter than a regular window-mounted air conditioner. WEN includes various safety sensors including a Low-Oil automatic shutoff sensor, overload protection, and low-fuel automatic shut-off.

This 2000 watt inverter generator has (2) three-pronged 120V household outlets, (1) 12V DC Receptacle, (1) 5V USB Port and (1) Set of Parallel ports. The Parallel port allows you to connect two WEN 56200i generators together to double up your power to 4000-watts.

The front control panel features an ECO-Mode setting to intelligently throttle up the engine only when a load is present to preserve fuel and run quieter. WEN included multiple safety features such as the easily accessible grounding nut on the front control panel and rated EPA 3 and CARB compliant.

WEN includes at the time of purchase a 2-Year Warranty.

  • Started To Leak Oil After a Handful Of Uses
  • Tendency To Trip Overload Around 1500-Watts
  • Power 80%
  • Features 83%
  • Service 76%

Honda EU2000I 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator


The second Honda Inverter Generator in the EU line is Honda’s EU2000i, a great lightweight 2000-Watt generator more than likely capable of meeting all your regular power requirements.

As with all Honda equipment, it’s powered by a legendary Honda engine. This generator is equipped with a huge 98.5cc 2.8 HP engine that puts out 2000-Watts staring power and 1600-Watts continuous running power.The fuel tank is capable of holding 0.95 Gallons of gas.

1600-Watts of electricity powers the (2) 120V 13.3 AMP outlets that have a built-in circuit protection system. The EU2000i is the lightest 2000-Watt generator featured in this Buying Guide weighing in at 45.6 lbs. The EU2000i is essential for anyone that needs a lightweight generator that can be easily carried around.

The Honda EU2000i is a very common generator found on construction and job sites because Honda has built their generators following strict compliance and safety regulations. Its ANSI Certified, CARB-Compliant and, EPA Approved.

Honda provides a 3-Year Consumer Warranty and a 3-Year Commercial Warranty for the EU2000i.

  • More Expensive Than Other 2000-Watt Generator
  • Louder Than Advertised
  • Power 84%
  • Features 82%
  • Service 94%

Briggs & Stratton P2200 PowerSmart Series


Briggs & Stratton is most commonly associated with the top of the line small engines, therefore its only fitting that they created a generator powered by their world-class engines. 

Powering the P2200 is Briggs & Stratton’s 111cc OHV engine that produces outstanding 2200-surging watts and 1700-Watts continuous running power. The (2) 120V and (1) 12V-5A DC + USB outlets are certified safe for all delicate electronics like laptops, smartphones and even TV’s.

The 1-Gallon tank last for an extended 8 hours while operating under a 25% load. Equipped with a Parallel Port that allows the generator to be connected to another Briggs and Stratton P2200 doubling up the power available, a great feature to increase power needs without shelling out money for a big 7500-watt generator.

Weighing 55 lbs it’s not the lightest featured or the heaviest but what Briggs and Stratton have done is integrated a smart handle design system that allows for 2 people to carry the generator at once.

When you purchase this generator you can be rest assured you’re covered in the event anything happens by Briggs & Stratton’s 2-Year Limited Consumer Warranty.

  • Difficult Oil Changes Results In Oil Getting Into Chassis
  • Poor Manufacturer Support
  • Power 82%
  • Features 84%
  • Service 72%

Hyundai HY2000si


Hyundai is another unlikely producer of Inverter Generators but is one that should be considered carefully. The Hyundai HY2000si is powered by a 4 cycle 125cc engine that powers the generator supplying 2200 starting watts and 2000 continuous running watts. 

The HY2000si is capable of operating for 9 hours with a 25% load, 5.5hrs with a 50% load and 3 hours with a 100% load while running in ECO-Mode with a full 1.2-gallon fuel tank.

The generator powers (3) outlets, (2) 120V AC three-prong outlets and (1) 144-watt 12V DC outlet. Hyundai has fitted this Inverter Generator with a special muffler that reduces noise to a low 64 decibels while operating under a 100% load, comparable to how loud an average electric shaver is.

Suitable for sporting events, camping, concerts and general shop use. The clean power produced by the HY2000si combined with the inline circuit breaker makes this generator perfect for charging small devices like smartphones, tablets and MP3 players without damage.

One downside for this generator is the weight, it weighs 70 lbs, a lot more than the 45 lbs the Honda EU2000i weighs.

Hyundai includes a 3-Year Limited Warranty accompanied by a skilled customer service department available to assist with general inquiries and technical support.

  • Inverter Module Is Known To Fail – $300 Replacement
  • Overfilling Oil Slightly Results In Oil Spewing From Crankcase Ventilation
  • Power 81%
  • Features 85%
  • Service 78%

Pulsar PG2000iS


Pulsar is a widely renowned name with over 100 years of manufacturing experience. Pulsar offers a wide assortment of small portable compressors, generators, and pressure washers.

The Pulsar PG2000iS is capable of producing max starting power of 2000-Watts and continuous running power of 1600-Watts. Powered by a 79cc 3.5 HP engine the produces a low and tolerable 61 decibels. The sleek suitcase style design provides an impact resistant exterior.

The PG2000iS powers a total of 4 outlets: (2) AC 120V 13A Outlets,  (1) 12V DC 8A Outlet, (1) 5V DC USB Outlet equipped with circuit breakers.

The 1.18 Gallon tank is able to allow the generator to run for 6.3 hrs while under a 50% load. While under a 50% load the generator uses about .29 GPH. The PG2000iS features a low oil warning indicator light and a built-in automatic low oil shutoff.

Pulsar includes in the purchase (1) 12V Charging Cable, (1) Spark Plug Wrench, (1) 10W30 Oil Bottle (350ML), & (1) Funnel. Backed by Pulsars 1-Year Warranty.

  • Runs Rough While Under No Load
  • Informational Stickers On The Side Came Off Easy
  • Power 86%
  • Features 84%
  • Service 90%

5 Best 3000-Watt Portable Inverter Generators

Briggs & Stratton P3000 PowerSmart Series Portable


The Briggs & Stratton P3000 PowerSmart Series is a beast of a generator that’s powered by one of the best names in the business for small engines. The P3000 is equipped with a 171 cc OHV Briggs & Stratton engine that’s able to produce a massive 3000 starting watts and 2600 continuous watts of power. 

Briggs & Stratton does not disappoint when it comes to how loud the generator is, its extremely quiet compared to any 3000-Watt Generator made producing 58 decibels with a 25% load (quieter than a typical conversation) perfect for all day running near an RV or campsite.

Featuring (4) 120V 20 AMP household outlets, (1) 120V 3 prong 30 AMP locking RV adapter, (1) 12V DC outlet, and (1) Separate USB Port. The P3000 is also equipped with parallel ports for connecting to another Briggs and Stratton generator to double up the power to 6000-Watts!

The Briggs & Stratton P3000 is able to hold up to 1.5 Gallons of fuel providing 10 hours of continuous run time with a load of 25%. See all your important vital metrics on the intuitive StatStation LCD display in the middle of the control panel where everything is conveniently located.

For a large 3000 watt generator, its weight of 85 lbs is on the lower end of the spectrum. The P3000 is fitted with a telescoping luggage handle for easy moving about on its heavy duty 6’’ wheels.

Briggs & Stratton includes a 2-Year Limited Warranty from the time of purchase.

  • Poor Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Louder Than Expected
  • Power 90%
  • Features 92%
  • Service 70%

Champion 75537i 3100-Watt RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator


The Champion 75537i 3100-Watt is a serious RV ready portable generator that’s sure to get the job done. Powered by Champions 171 cc engine that’s able to produce 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts with up to 8 hours runtime with a load of 25%. 

Equipped with an RV ready set up the 75537i has (2) 120V 20 AMP household outlets, (1) 120V 30 AMP locking outlet and (1) 12V DC outlet with a USB adapter.

Champion has designed the engine used in this model to be extremely quiet only running at 58 decibels measured from a distance of 23 feet. The 75537i is full of great safety features like the smart economy mode to reduce electrical load and wear on the generator and an automatic low oil shut-off.

The Champion 75537i produces clean energy so you don’t have to worry about running small devices like your iPhone or tablets. While weighing 80 lbs it’s not designed to be moved alone, it does have a u-shaped handle that conveniently folds away for compact storage.

Champion includes a 3-Year Limited Warranty and very useful Free Lifetime Technical Support for anything that may come up during the life of the generator.

  • Cheap Design – Choke Lever Fell Off
  • Struggles When Under a Load Near 2800-Watts
  • Power 85%
  • Features 84%
  • Service 90%

Honda EU3000i Portable Inverter Generator


This is the third Honda generator reviewed in this Inverter Generator Buying Guide, a testament to the durability and exceptional performance Honda provides.The Honda EU3000i is equipped with a massive Honda 196cc 4 HP electric start engine that’s capable of producing 3000-Watts of power.

The EU3000i is able to operate at an insanely low 49 – 58 decibels depending on the load. This generator has every outlet you can want from a 3000-watt generator including (2) 120V 20 AMP outlets, (1) 120V 30 AMP RV ready outlet and (1) 12V 12 AMP DC outlet for charging batteries (extra cable required).

The EU3000i is capable of operating for up to 10 hours with a 50% load. Perfect for operating a wide variety of appliances including a furnace, fridge, microwave and just about anything else your RV can throw at it

Multiple controls are displayed on the central control panel such as a Manual ON/OFF Fuel Valve, Choke, and ECO-Throttle that decreases engine RPM when the generator does not have a load present.

Honda provides a 3-Year Consumer Warranty for the EU3000i. ANSI Certified, CARB-Compliant, EPA Approved.

  • More Expensive Than Most 3000-Watt Generators
  • Power 94%
  • Features 96%
  • Service 94%

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator


The Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator is different then the other 3000-Watt generators in this guide as this model is able to run on both gasoline and propane. We have featured this Generator in another article we have written on Dual Fuel Generators.

Equipped with Champions 192 cc single cylinder OHV engine that’s capable of producing 3400 starting watts of power and 3100 continuous running watts of power. Built-in automatic low oil shut-off sensor.

The 3400 Champion Inverter Generator is capable of running for 7.5 hours on gasoline with a 25% load and a whopping 14.5 hours when utilizing a 20lb propane tank. Set up with all the 3000-Watt standard outlets, (2) 120V 20 AMP household outlets, (1) 120V 30 AMP locking outlet and (1) 12V DC outlet with a USB adapter.

Champion includes their outstanding 3-Year Warranty and absolutely Free Lifetime Technical Support.

  • Generator Is Prone To Easily Overloading
  • Small Fuel Tank
  • Power 87%
  • Features 96%
  • Service 96%

Coleman CG3500i 3500W Inverter Generator


Coleman is a name known and loved for all camping and outdoor related equipment so it is only fitting that they came out with a generator as well.

The CG3500i Inverter Generator uses a 149.5 cc engine that’s capable of producing 3500-Watts max and 3000 continuous running watts at a low 63 decibels when measured 23 feet away (standard measuring distance for generators decibel output).

The economy switch feature optimizes engine speed according to the power demand and has a built-in overload protection system with a low oil indicator automatic shutoff. The CG3500i can run for 4.2 hours with a 50% load and 3.1 hours under a 100% load.

One of the best features of this generator is that it only weighs 79 lbs, which for a 3000-Watt Inverter Generator is quite impressive. Equipped with (2) 120V AC outlets and (1) 12V 4 AMP DC outlet.

  • Only Features 2 Outlets
  • No Pull Handle
  • Power 88%
  • Features 82%
  • Service 84%