We all know being on a job site or working at home all day can get a bit boring, whether listening to the drone of power tools all day or just complete silence, either one can get old quick.

For years the only options were to either drag out a big boom box that usually didn’t last long before breaking or you had to pull your truck up, crank up the tunes and leave the door open hoping the battery wouldn’t die before you’re finished your job.

construction-signFlip forward a few years and now we have a huge selection of Jobsite radios to pick from. Radios that are rugged and capable of withstanding constant abuse, drops and the battering elements of the environment. A lot different than the radio’s of the past, now job site radios come equipped with roll cages, bumpers and padding, waterproof and dustproof features and above all most now come with cordless options commonly running off the 18V batteries that your cordless power tools use.

Unfortunately, Jobsite radios do not offer interchangeable battery packs with other brands, so if you’re a Makita guy you will most likely end up with a Makita radio or if you mostly use Dewalt then you’ll likely pick one of the many Dewalt job site radios.

Bluetooth-Smart-LogoNonetheless, research needs to be done to ensure you’re purchasing the best one with all the features you’re looking for as different brands offer different features such as Bluetooth, USB and AUX ports, storage compartments, waterproof ability, 12V plugins and built-in battery chargers.

We’ve taken the 5 top rated Jobsite radios and broken them down so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. Below are our top picks listing some important specs as well as pros and cons for each radio.

If you don’t find the radio that you’re looking for you can view a full list of Job Site Radios.

5 Best Jobsite Radios

Makita XRM04B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Bluetooth Jobsite Radio


The Makita XRM04B cordless heavy duty radio packs quite punch into such a small package measuring only 7x12x13 inches and weighing only 10lbs! Which is hard to find in a rugged and durable job site radio. Featuring a water-resistant construction with strong protective bumpers allows for use in any situation you’ll be put up against on the job. 

Although coming in as one of the smaller portable radios out there it has a multitude of features to be used.

AM/FM radio included both an AUX port and USB input that allows you to connect your phone to play music and best of yet the radio can charge your phone or MP3 while playing! The dual firing 3.5’’ speakers on either side provide a powerful sound that’s sure to be heard all around.

If you forget your USB or AUX cord at home, simply utilize the built-in Bluetooth ability and stream music wirelessly through the radio.

The LED-backlit clock does what most others don’t provide, adding in a built-in alarm clock and even a snooze button taking away any excuse to be late.

Makita allows for several different types of their batteries to be used including the slide or pod batteries, a 7.2V battery or a huge 18V quick charge battery that lasts over 20 hours of runtime.

As always we provide a completely unbiased report and this is no different, all though this is a fantastic small job site radio it comes with its own downsides. One thing we noticed was the volume and other controls control can be erratic at times and to fix it each time we had to pop the battery out quickly to reset it. Other than the small control issues this is a great radio with amazing sound for its small size.



The PB360C is Bosch’s newly updated version of the top-selling PB360S which is great for anyone that’s looking for serious job site radio. Power the radio anywhere with the included 18V Bosch lithium-ion battery or plug it in through a regular 120v outlet. 

Featuring 20 FM and 10 AM presets, individual bass and treble controls and available connectivity to any smartphones, MP3 players, and satellite radio receivers.

One of the top features we like out of this radio is the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Quick and easily connect any smartphone and stream all of your music through the 4-way speakers and subwoofer at the touch of a finger. With the ability to play iTunes, Spotify, Google play or any other service you use for music. The Bluetooth range goes up to 150 feet allowing you to keep your phone at all times.

Bosch really steps it up with the PB360C giving you the ability to charge other Bosch batteries and includes 120V AC outlets for charging phones, tablets and just about anything else you’ll need turning this radio into a mobile power station for tools and electronics all while playing music at full volume.

With anything there are always a few downsides, Bosch does not provide GFCI’s for the 4 outlets – this may be a problem on some job sites that require anything with power to adhere to strict safety regulations. As well, the 4 outlets can only be powered when the radio itself is plugged into a 120V plugin. We also expected with the 4-way speakers and subwoofer that the radio would be louder, at times the sounds from power tools can make it hard to hear your music.

DEWALT DCR015 12V/20V MAX Worksite Charger Radio


For a larger portable job site radio, the DeWalt DCR015 comes in quite light at only 13 lbs and measuring 16 x 11 x 13.4 inches making it one of the lighter full-size radios out there. Power anything on the go with its 2 additional 12v power outlets. DeWalt allows you to choose between powering the radio with either the 12v or 20v rechargeable battery packs or the onboard AC power cord for 12V outlets. Recharge the batteries onboard the radio with the 2amp charger in 90 minutes or less! 

Built into the radio is a class D amplifier powering the weather-resistant DeWalt subwoofers and tweeter speakers making this a true job site powerhouse that can be heard all around.

Benefit from the durability of a strong roll cage for the occasions that it’s dropped or debris falls onto it, rest assured it can withstand abuse. Protect your electronic devices from dust and water in the built-in device storage compartment a must on most job sites.

The built-in USB and Aux ports allow you to play music from your smartphones, MP3 players, satellite radio receivers and most other audio devices. You can even charge your devices through the USB port when the radio is plugged into a 12v supply which is quite handy during the day.

Dewalt provides its outstanding warranty that includes a 90-day money-back guarantee + 1-year free servicing and a 3-year limited warranty.

There were a few small issues with this radio that occurred such as when you charge a battery and have the radio on at the same time it can produce some static background noise and we also found the radio’s antenna to be limited in range and did not pick up some stations as clearly as others radios tested. DeWalt does not include any batteries

in this package so if you don’t already have Dewalt battery powered tools you will have to purchase battery packs to make it a portable unit.

Overall a good radio that’s very durable with few downsides.

Milwaukee 18V 2890-20 M18 Jobsite Radio


Milwaukee Jobsite radios are a radio you’ve most likely seen at least once while on the job because of their rugged durability and immense sound. The M18 is absolutely no exception. 

Weighing in at only 10 lbs it’s an ultralight full-size radio measuring 8 x 8 x 16 inches. Dual speakers are protected by metal grills and shock absorbing bumpers that provide top-notch protection from anything you put it through.

The AM/FM radio allows you to set 10 different preset stations and has an adjustable equalizer. Built-in is both a USB and AUX port allowing you to charge your phone or MP3 player and listen to music at the same time. Both ports are conveniently located in the weather sealed compartment to protect any device you are using or charging.

Powering the radio is Milwaukee’s rechargeable redlithium batteries or the included AC power cord. The radio has a battery run life of 12 hours using the M18 5.0Ah battery.

The downsides to this radio are the battery packs, Milwaukee does not include any batteries in the purchase of the radio. The radio as well does not charge the rechargeable batteries onboard therefore to run the radio cordless you will have to purchase a battery and charger that Milwaukee offers.

Overall we really liked this radio and have used it on a multitude of jobs from drywall to framing and it withstood it all.

DEWALT DWST08810 ToughSystem Music Player with Charger


Dewalt stepped it up a few notches when they came out with the DWST08810 ToughSystem Music Player, it’s simply an amazing radio with great features. Weighing 17 lbs and measuring 21.4 x 6.6 x 13.9 inches it’s the heaviest Jobsite radio we looked at. Fully rated IP54 water and dust resistant you can rest assured it lives up to its name as a tough system’s music player. 

Following the standard as most other job site radios, it comes equipped with Bluetooth audio with a 100-foot range, USB plugin, and an AUX port. It has 6 programmable radio presents, enough for most people out there that have their go-to station. 4 tweeters and built-in subwoofer + bass resonator ensure you can hear your music over most loud power tools.

Benefit from the ability to be able to play music and recharge your Dewalt 12 or 20V MAX batteries at the same time, as well being able to be stacked onto Dewalt’s ToughSystem modules. The radio can be powered by either the 12V MAX or 20V MAX batteries or the built-in AC plug.

Dewalt went over and above responding to customers wants and needs for more storage space for phones, wallets, and keys with a large storage area on top that latches close to keep them secure and safe while working. As with other Dewalt tools, this radio comes with their 90-day money back guarantee, 1-year free servicing and 3 years limited warranty.

If you own any of the other ToughSystem components this will be a great addition or if you’re just looking for a rugged, durable job site radio with all the features. The slim design of the radio makes is great to store under the seats in your vehicle. The downsides for this radio is it can be a bit heavy if you’re constantly moving around or having to walk a long distance to your work. The radio is also known to have some overheating problems when you’re working in weather above 90 F.

Overall we really like this Jobsite radio, it’s loud, very tough and came with all the features we were looking for.